The dynamic golf warmup Jennifer taught me has had a huge impact on my game. I’ve noticed my ball striking stats have increased and my consistency has improved from round to round. one days when I don’t do the pre-golf exercises, I notice my glutes don’t fire as well and my shoulder turn is decreased. It’s been a total game changer
— Tyrone Ryan, Professional Golfer and Sunshine Tour Winner

I found Jennifer as I was looking to take my golf game to the next level. But what has transpired is she’s proved to be transcendent not only for my golf game, but for my approach towards fitness and nutrition! Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and her workouts are incredibly fun. It truly is a holistic approach that I find to be a game changer for my life
— Spencer

Bad back? She knows what to do. Instability? She’s got the exercises to help. You want more distance? You’ve come to the right place. This has changed my golf swing, and even my understanding of my swing and what I’m trying to accomplish. The improvements have been dramatic!
— Mark

Your program has done wonders for me. I realized that since I started I no longer feel like icing my shoulder after a full 18. Thank you and well done.
— Aaron

I was referred to Jennifer by one of the head trainers and instructors at the Titleist Performance Institute. After just six months, I no longer feel sore after I play golf, I’ve put on 8 solid pounds of muscle and all of my allergies are GONE. Every aspect of my game, fitness and general health has improved under Jennifer’s guidance.
— Steve