Virtual Golf TraininG

I’m located in San Francisco and New York City. You might not be.

My virtual golf training programs offer the convenience of a local golf fitness trainer, regardless of where you’re based.

How it works

If you want to improve your golf performance, you must improving your body's ability to move, stabilize and generate power.

My virtual Golf Fitness Program is based on a three-step process that is designed to address the root cause of swing faults, improve your flexibility, strength and power, and eliminate any pain that might be hindering you the course.

Step 1: Screen – To start, clients submit movement screen videos and golf swing videos so that I can identify faulty stability and altered mobility patterns as they relate to the golf swing.

Step 2: Prescribe – Based on the screen tests, I create a customized 8-10 week golf mobility, strength and cardiovascular program for clients to do at their gym, on the road or in the comfort of their home. This program is designed to increase the golfer's power and eliminate his/her swing faults — and the physical limitations that contribute to them — for good.

Step 3: Implement – Clients receive both video instruction and three 30 minute consultation calls to ensure proper form and answer any program questions throughout the program. Ready for a new program? Simply email me and I’ll send the appropriate progressions.